The mission of SDO Charter Organization (SCO) is to provide an environment that facilitates effective coordination and collaboration on U.S. national healthcare informatics standards development, with recognition of the international and multi-industry stakeholder implications and challenges. Its purposes include:

  1. To facilitate the coordination of conventions for enhanced interoperability among diverse standards development organizations in the areas of health data acquisition, processing, and handling systems.
  2. To communicate and coordinate when appropriate with the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (US TAG) in order to facilitate a unified representation of US standards (this is not intended to supersede any member's existing coordination with the US TAG).


SCO Related Information

  1. Standards Value Document of the SCO
  2. AHIMA link to "The Value of Nurturing Development"

Organizations interested in joining SCO please contact John Klimek or Margaret Weiker.

Note to organizations:

The SCO is formed of executives of SDO and SDO-related organizations. The SCO is focused on the collaboration of the SDOs. For associations, vendors, implementers, etc, the SCO recommends that it is more appropriate to participate at the appropriate SDO, where requests from the SDO will be brought to the SCO via the SDO representative. The SCO thanks you for your interest.

Please supply the following when requesting to join SCO:

  • Name of Organization
  • Describe the sector of industry your organization is in
  • Brief overview of charter/mission of the organization
  • Primary Contact Information (name, phone, email)
  • Secondary Contact Information (name, phone, email)
  • Proposed SCO Category:
    1. Standards Development Organizations (SDOs)
    2. Standards Development Organizations-related entities
    3. Official Observer

All requests will be reviewed by the SCO at the next available opportunity.